Look no further.  When you work with me, you get so much more than just some words on a page!

I expertly craft articles, blog posts, and case studies for your beauty or wellness website

I create in-depth binge-worthy posts that help your readers by increasing their knowledge on your product.

You receive all of these benefits with my articles/posts:

  • SEO optimization (without keyword stuffing) for web content
  • A clickable, SEO-friendly headline
  • Internal links to make your site “sticky”
  • External links to reputable sites
  • Answer targets designed to compete for positioning as a Google featured snippet
  • Custom content for your brand voice & target audience
  • Comprehensive research using only respected sources
  • Polished, ready-to-go formatting
  • Adherence to your editorial, legal, and PR guidelines
  • E-mail availability for project updates, discussions, and revisions

Prices start @ $150 with packages available